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Introducing ZAL

The Abstraction Layer for Zimbra

ZAL is the library that provides an Abstraction Layer for Zimbra Collaboration Server, allowing anyone to write highly maintainable Zimbra extensions that will run on any Zimbra server, regardless of the version.

ZAL is Open Source Software released under GNU GPLv2 - so that any developer is able to interface its software with Zimbra through it in a completely version-independent way.

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Q: Is ZAL free?

A: Yes! ZAL is an Open Source library released for free under the GNU GPL version 2.

Q: What's the relationship between ZAL and ZeXtras?

A: ZAL was conceived by ZeXtras, which sponsors the project.


Q: Can I use ZAL for my Zimbra extension?

A: Yes! That's the main point of the project

Q: Can I contribute to the development of ZAL?

A: Commits by people not belonging to the core developer group are not accepted at the moment, but feel free to submit an issue with the [RFE] tag as the beginning of the title to share your ideas!

Q: Is there any documentation related to ZAL?

A: The documentation can be found in the ZAL Wiki on GitHub or via Doxygen.

Q: Does ZeXtras provide ZAL support?

A: No.

Q: Do I need ZeXtras Suite or the ZeXtras Migration Tool to run my ZAL-based extensions?

A: Not at all: ZAL-based extensions are stand-alone (unless the developer chooses otherwise). While using the ZAL, ZeXtras Suite and the ZeXtras Migration Tool are not related to any other ZAL-based extension.

Q: What Zimbra versions does the ZAL support?

A: Any Zimbra release equal or higher than 6.0.7 is supported by the ZAL. With each new Zimbra release, a compatible ZAL package must be built.


Q: I'm using a ZAL-based extension and I need help! Can you help me?

A: Unfortunately no. If you have any issue with a ZAL-based extension you should get in touch with the developer of the extension.

Q: I need a Zimbra extension for [insert random requirement here]. Will you develop it for me?

A: While we are flattered about your offer, the ZAL Project is solely devoted to the development of the ZAL.

Q: Can I use more than one ZAL-based extension on my Zimbra server?

A: Sure, as each extensions uses a dedicated instance of the ZAL libray. However, compatibility issues may arise should multiple extensions try to override the same Zimbra classes, so make sure you run some tests on a safe environment.